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As a family business, The Hollander Group is particularly attuned to the financial needs of high-net-worth families. We understand your needs, challenges, and goals, because we have complex lives and family goals as well.

Our job is to employ the most sophisticated advanced planning strategies on your behalf, allowing your decisions and actions in these matters to become simple. Our goal as your trusted financial partner is to make managing your wealth and well-being as easy as possible for you. With our commitment to continuing education in advanced planning strategies, we are always in a position to take advantage of the latest strategies and opportunities in wealth management.

We pride ourselves on the strong, professional relationships we have built with the families we serve. With over 90 years of combined wealth management experience, our primary satisfaction remains helping multi-generational families build strong, secure futures and create lasting legacies.

Our Beliefs

"We believe that clients look to us for guidance to navigate and simplify the financial world so that they can pursue their dreams. We work daily to ensure that our advice is based on a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ goals and needs and is rooted in sound principles and appropriate strategies."

These core beliefs of our team form the foundation for our service and advice.

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It is crucial to have a solid understanding of our clients’ financial needs, expectations and goals in order to provide sound, appropriate and meaningful counsel.

Our clients desire to live their lives with dignity and, while defined differently for each individual, facilitating this must be incorporated into the planning process for all.

Long-term investment success is best achieved by focusing on diversifying risk and maintaining a perspective tied to goals and objectives vs. market timing.

Situations change over time and it is advisable to maintain flexibility and avoid jumping into irrevocable solutions too soon.

Wealth management must focus not only on asset growth, but also on asset preservation and avoiding catastrophic risks along the way.

Insurance can be an effective tool for managing risk and attaining specific goals, but it is rarely the most effective choice as a general investment vehicle.

Tax planning is a critical element of managing wealth and current tax reduction alone should not drive investment management decisions.

Multi-generational wealth planning can help families build strong, secure futures and create lasting legacies.

How We Work With You


During our first meeting, we want to make sure our partnership is a good fit. We will ask questions and listen so we can get to know you and your family. We will work with you to understand your personal and financial goals, fears, time horizon, life experiences, and tolerance for risk. It is important we all understand and agree on your unique financial priorities and our commitment to working with you to meet them.


From there, we will work with you and other professional partners to prepare a strategy for reaching your goals. Whether you’re looking to sell your business, make your golden years your best years or create opportunities for those closest to you, we leverage our wealth management network to develop customized solutions based on your unique goals and concerns.


We will review our recommendations with you and together agree on a plan that addresses the entire range of your financial goals. We will discuss how the plan will be implemented and evaluated. This plan will evolve over time as we move through the phases of wealth management of building, preserving and distributing your wealth.


We will regularly meet to monitor the effectiveness of our solutions and the progress toward your goals. We’ll discuss any necessary changes to the strategy to help you stay on track as well as any changes with you that may also require adjustments to the plan. Also, if anything changes on your end between our meetings, it is important you let us know so we can discuss updates if needed.


Wealth management is an evolving process that must be flexible as your life changes. Through open dialogue, we strive to help you grow, protect, enjoy and pass on your wealth. The Hollander Group is committed to working with you and your family through all phases of the process.

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